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YEJ2 electromagnetic brake motor

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YE2 series three-phase asynchronous motor for gear reducer is a derivative product of YE2 series motor, which is a special motor specially designed and manufactured for four series gear reducer

1YEJ2、YDEJ2 系列电磁制动电动机是YEJ的改进产 品,符合国家标准JB/T6456要求,电气性能满足Y2系列 电机技术标准。YDEJ2是YEJ2系列的延伸产品。

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YEJ2 and YDEJ2 series electromagnetic brake motors are improved products of YEJ, which meet the requirements of national standard JB/T6456, and the electrical performance meets the technical standards of Y2 series motors. YDEJ2 is an extension of the YEJ2 series. This series of brake motors are equipped with electromagnetic brakes at the end of the motor drive shaft. When the motor loses power, the brake disc of the electromagnetic brake is automatically pressed with the rear cover of the motor to generate friction braking torque, which stops the motor, and the no-load braking time Random seats range from small to large, 0.15~0.45S. The brake power supply must be synchronized with the main power supply of the drive motor. YEJ2 and YDEJ2 series motors are widely used in machining machine tools and conveying machinery and packaging, woodworking, food, chemical, textile, construction, shops, rolling doors and other machinery as driving forces.

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