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The 19th China International Electrical Machinery Expo, 2019

The 19th China International Electrical Machinery Expo, 2019

In order to improve the development level of the motor industry, build an industry exchange platform, promote sustainable and healthy development, realize the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources and better play the role of the government, guide innovation by the market, further enhance the independent R&D capacity and international status of the motor industry in China, and promote the coordinated development of the motor industry in the upper, middle and lower reaches of China. More than one hundred professional media have been promoted throughout the exhibition, and more than 600 enterprises such as well-known brands in the industry have been convened. Among them, more than 30,000 professional audiences have attended the exhibition, which is a successful and successful gathering for the motor industry. During the exhibition, many seminars have been held successfully.


"China International Electrical Machinery Exposition" (MOTOR CHINA) - the holding of the Electrical Machinery Exposition, aims to continue to serve the electrical industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Making full use of the "two exhibitions in one" mode of professional exhibition and trade exhibition, the "three exhibitions in one" mode of exhibition, order meeting and seminar, and the "four businessmen gathering" mode of producers, distributors, matching suppliers and service providers, the international motor industry model exhibition with market pertinence, technical specialty, effectiveness, practicality, user group and activity characteristics has truly become a motor industry market. An activity platform for market promotion, exhibition of new products, exchange of new technologies, release of new information and opening up new business opportunities. Welcome to this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will do our best to invite professional audiences and purchaser organizations, and strive to bring you valuable services and Exhibition results.


The exhibition focuses on the current situation and development direction of the motor industry at home and abroad. Through large-scale, omni-directional, multi-level and unified international motor industry "fairs" and "exhibitions", we will build the first comprehensive exhibition platform for China's motor industry, which integrates industry exposition, trade negotiation and summit forum. To build opportunities for exhibition, promotion, exchange and cooperation for electric machinery projects, we invite relevant domestic and foreign motor businessmen to attend the conference to carry out economic and trade negotiations, concentrate on signing contracts, promote investment and project docking, and promote the vigorous development of China's electric machinery industry.


Join MOTOR CHINA, you can

■ Establishing Enterprise Image and Establishing Industry Position      ■ Widely Meet More than 10,000 Professional Audiences at Home and Abroad  

■ Publish up-to-date product and process information      ■ Contact International Purchasing Mission and Exploit Overseas Market

■ Understanding Industry Development Trends and Grasping Competitive Opportunities   ■ Opening the Trade Platform of Electrical Machinery Industry


Exhibitor-audience statistics

■ Thirty-three countries and regions attended the exhibition, including the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and so on.

■ 700 leading enterprises and brands participated in the exhibition.

■ 4,8650 visitors from GE Energy, Xinjiang Golden Wind, Zhongshui Heavy Industries, Delphic, Gree Electric Appliances, Hitachi Electric Appliances, Siemens, Midea Electric Appliances, Toshiba Hydroelectric Equipment, Toyota Motor, Haier, Schneider Electric Appliances, Panasonic Electric Machinery, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Bosch, etc.

■ 87% of the participants took part in the exhibitors to reach cooperation intention.

■ 61% of the visitors came from major machinery and equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances, fans and motor manufacturing enterprises.